I know that the installer gives the option to install for your aforementioned camera brands, but the proof’s in the pudding, so to speak. I wish that was the case with film. Email Facebook Pinterest Twitter. Each of the three film stocks included in the pack has some unique characteristics, just like the actual film, so make sure to play with them and see which looks you like best. The only way to get consistent color in this scenario is to first try and get all images to have similar color, contrast, saturation, etc, before applying such a filter. I shot all of these images in the past year, well before these presets came out. Also RNI’s film simulation is not a substitution for real film, but comes quite close if you get your lighting and WB right.

mastin labs portra

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Andrew Richardson Jay Jay – March 24, No, I just prefer to underexpose by a stop and then bring up in post regardless of how I’m editing. podtra

Mastin Labs – Portra Pushed Pack for Capture One Pro

I shot all of these images in the past year, well before these presets came out. In case you couldn’t tell, I really like these presets.

I don’t think making good presets is difficult at all.

Not visually, per say, but with regards to those of us who have purchased his presets and have either loved or hand raised felt like they were a rip-off portta what you get. I personally have never found the price point too high, and the lack of camera profiles is not really an issue in practice, IMO.


I went into Lightroom to do some quick touch-ups and decided to give the new presets a try. Not impressed with Mastin somehow. Before leaving a review, just make sure to do some homework! You are correct that you can’t make adaptive presets, but you can build presets with the specific portar of working well on a wide range of images.

Mastin Labs – Portra Pushed Pack for Capture One Pro

Email Facebook Pinterest Twitter. It has its own great look, but if you are really wanting to blend film and digital seamlessly for clients mastin is awesome.

As someone from the film only era I can’t help but be amused by such things. They are, hands down, the best film lab in the country. Awesome comparisons – thank you very much for taking the time to write this. If you’re enjoying using them, keep on keeping on, I say.

Mastin Labs Portra Original Pack for Lightroom & ACR

I have a feeling that the Portra Pushed presets will become a new go-to for me when I need some quick editing. Andrew Janjigian – March 24, I’ve long been a fan of Mastin Labs presets, and this set does not disappoint. You can also find their additional equally-fantastic presets here. All hype no results for me. That portrz still something that one can achieve on their own. I’d say Mastin Labs presets are complete rip-off for their low quality.


If you give Mastin Labs a try be sure to let me know how you like them!

Plain and simple, Mastin Labs looks like film. I’ve long been a fan of Mastin Labs presets, and this set does not disappoint. Glad you brought that up! Let me know how you like them!! And this one is way more consistent too!

mastin labs portra

I now own all three of the Mastin packs: I’m selling one of my cameras and just tossed it on the table in the conference room at my office to snap some shots since the light was decent.

Check out some more samples below.

mastin labs portra

Differences in color will be inherent maetin the originally captured image. You need to check RNI then. Nothing quite has the magic of film, but these are way closer than any other option out there for matching to real film, and the workflow is as simple as it gets.

It’s also not hard to make digital look like film.