The following year, he recorded a tribute to the Pope with the Italian Symphony Orchestra. In December he participated in the opening of the Gulf Football Championship Khaleeji 17 in which he performed the return of Iraq Operette which was broadcast live on 10 satellite channels. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. His interest in music grew as he listened to songs via the radio that offered him the chance to become familiar with the works of composers such as Mohammed Abdel Wahab. After that he moved to Lebanon , where he met and formed a songwriting partnership with Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani [4] in , who wrote lyrics to his music, before settling permanently in Cairo.

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He sang Bokra “Tomorrow”, a charity single that was released on November 11, at Al Saher was born in MosulIraq on September 12, Byhe had ten albums under his belt and was lauded as an artist, not just a pop star. In December he participated in the opening of the Gulf Football Championship Khaleeji 17 in which he performed the return of Iraq Operette which was broadcast live on 10 satellite channels.

He is the son of a palace worker and has nine siblings. He grew up and spent a large part of his life in Al-Hurrya neighborhood in Baghdad. He performs with an orchestra of twenty to thirty musicians on Arabic percussion, oud, qanun, nay, and a full complement of strings violin, cello, and bass.

After selling his bicycle, Al-Saher purchased a guitar at the age of twelve, and began learning the arts of the guitar for about three months before writing a classical song.


It was his first instrument. Apart from his mother, Al Saher’s family were never supportive of his direction in becoming a musician.

Abart Al Shat – عبرت الشط (English translation)

A year later, he had a hit with ” Obart Al Shat ” I crossed the river. Kadim Al-Saher tours around the world where he performs for his Arab fans. The album also included the song “Ahbeni” written by poet Nizar Qabbani, shoot as a video clip by Husien Duibes and it was a major hit in the year alongside the song “Ila Tilmitha”. Iraqi television officials asked him to either change the lyrics or have it banned. Al-Saher performed some of his most successful concerts which were held in Jerash and produced two successful albums at Sameer Baghdadi ‘s Studios in Amman, Jordan.

He considers living in Jordan as an important period of his life and career success later on. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. He used to work with his father in early age after school to help the family. Before he entered the Baghdad Academy of Music, Al Saher’s self-education through the radio had given him a firm grounding in the rich repertoire of mid-twentieth-century Arab vocal music.

Please help by adding reliable sources. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kathem El Saher Interviewer: His refusal to change the lyrics and its consequent ban only helped to increase the popularity of the song.

He became deeply familiar with both classical Arab music, whose main representatives were Egyptian and Lebanese, and the Iraqi maqam repertoire, a local art form featuring vocal virtuosity and a vast repertoire.

Kazem Al-Saher كاظم الساهر: песен скачать бесплатно в mp3 и слушать онлайн

This solid grounding in traditional musical styles informs his work as both a singer and a composer. Kadim wrote his first song at twelve, a romantic piece in the classical style, composed for a girl he liked. When he was ten, he began writing songs.


He does not have a permanent residence and frequently moves mainly between CairoDubaiBeirut and Paris. Retrieved from ” https: Additionally, in he was the first Arab artist to participate in Unitythe official album of the Summer Olympics. The album contains collaborations with the Moroccan Asma Lmnawar whom Kadim Al-Saher discovered earlier and introduced to the Arab world in her first due song with Kadim “ashko ayaman”. Inhe participated in the worldwide broadcast concert special “We are the Future” concert produced by Quincy Jones and coordinated by Dawn Elder at the Roman Maximos Stadium in Rome for the benefit of the children of the world.

Kazem Al-Saher – Abart Al Shat – عبرت الشط lyrics + English translation

Inaccording to an international poll conducted by BBCmore than half-a million people from countries voted his composition Ana Wa Laila Me and Lailahis most famous song about his love for Laila, as the sixth in the world’s top 10 most popular songs of all time. This page was last edited on 27 Septemberat He got married at early age, and is divorced. They had no faith in him that he would become successful, and absrt wanted him to sauer a doctor or a lawyer.