Is there any subject that you never will write anything about? Nowdays being punk means just to provocate, often without any deeper idea. What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle? How would you describe your music in three words? Which is the best bandname you know?


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Kapriola Estate

So I decided to form a female band and to find the female musicians to join me. From time to time I arrange a huge vegeparty for my friends. Animals are here for themselves. Kapriola rock out of the small town of Ostrava in Czechoslovokia taking their name from a sign in that town of a horse doing the kapriola.

Even though we are women we have no disputes, because we have the same target – play, play, play. And where is best to play? And maybe some guitar or drum masturbation.

Dona Michelle

Andy Timmons “Live Resolutiuon”. We have some musicians here, mostly folk singers palying the guitar, they often point out something what people consider to be wrong. Bonding together with other women and finding the right chemistry was not an easy task according to Michaela.

And I bought a regular record of Angra two years ago. A kind of revolutionary movement itself.



We are fully satisfied and we do what we like. I like playing the electric six stringed violin, this is my new hobby. Don’t know what kaptiola they play, but the name is unforgettable. She plays the classical music as she studies playing the flute in Vienna. Mapriola bad thing – sometimes I should be more furious and let the emotions out more easily. Maybe the horse is doing the Kapriola a kind of horse step.

Have you heard any good bands from Sweden?

First record, last record and the most expensive record ever bought? She entered the scene just like “Deux ex machina” when nobody has expected it and she immediately started to rule with her drum – sticks all over the band.

Kapriola is an all

It is difficult to play in big festivals which are very attractive to us. They were not created for people, just as black were not created for white and women were not created for men. We are all influenced by what we hear and what we listen to. But there are lots of girls’ bands everywhere and I didn’t want to have a band like this – I wanted to have a band, which can play hard and is instrumentaly on a higher level.


She studies something very strange, but I think it has something to do with physics and nanotechnology. For me it’s a challenge to combine styles within our best kapriolla, musically and technically, and of course keep the status quality female band with a non – women sound.


The best moments we have are when people came and tell you, that they like your music a lot and they want your CD. At the age of 16 being punk is in.

Kapriola Estate

The most famous event here is Colours of Ostrava – maybe the biggest alternative – ethno – music event in Europe. Ozzy Osbourne – No more tears. D ona Michelle – guitar, violin. Some politics are even good musicians I know just one or two and some artists can express their political convictions.

We like both outdoor festivals and smaller intimate club stage. The most of us are vegeta r ians. That is what people want to hear with a beer in one hand and a huge piece of meat in another, when they visit a rock festival.