It can already be posted and it almost was before the whole “shitstorm” that happened on the boards earlier. Need more fur-on-female stuff from Jack. Narrative focus Part 3 in a series that follows the adventures of Chloe Sinclaire and her staff. There wasn’t any aspect of that game that didn’t suck. People continue to forget that.

jolly jack apsara

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Couldn’t read what you tried to say though. He seems to be turning this stuff out much faster. It is and always has been one month or after the next Comic for future reference.

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They draw what the designers tell them to. My duchebag computer won’t let my download them from any of then download sites.

jolly jack apsara

You’ve seen half jsck it, and it unfolds exactly as you’d expect. There are some old ones I’d like to get in the PDF form. The rule was that an Aspara comic could be posted after a new comic was released or after a month had passed.


And if you all know that, then why, pray tell, weren’t those three pics uploaded to this board jlly It’s not like he’s going to be loosing any money October Sample Available via Lulu Price: Adult Content A batch of 50 production sketches and drawings from the Apsara Portfolio.

Favorite Toy and Reduex close behind. Reply [Return] [Go to bottom]. Its pretty clear the guys taste in games just fucking sucks. I’ve been hoping that he will get back to them but no such luck, yet. Give them a chance to make some money before you punch them in the gut and steal their wallet.

jolly jack apsara

Spsara because I can save the 3 dollars price and buy me a new car with it. It would be nice to see these two together in a follow-up comic, having to adjust their lives to their new bodies.

I have the same kind of problem as that other Anon dude, sept the problem is my computer is a 3DS, so if anyone has one you know how they work with the internet. I thought that was Tentacle Possession? Girl In the Tower I like this design a lot.


What is he, 30, 40? Sparkbox User Page Gallery Journals.

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Jeezus, you people need to learn to lurk moar. The only idiot here is you. The site isn’t working on the one with this picture. Anyone have it and did JJ continue it? Nylosia User Page Gallery Journals. Weirdly, he thinks people will post it online and undermine his effort to make apssra living.

Giant Naga by jollyjack — Fur Affinity [dot] net

Why jacm you raging about it, then? Quit begging and be glad anyone’s posting anything here. He’s the one that came up with it.

But somehow I still have some ideas. September Sample Also available via Lulu Price: