It has to be Things gets exciting and dare I say it, funny. Quotes from Explosive Eighteen. Stephanie Plum is in trouble again. I’m stuck between a 3 and a 4 star rating.

janet evanovich explosive eighteen

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Stephanie is no longer a novice bounty hunter.

If you wvanovich want to enjoy it, try the audio version. I would never call her an expert one, but she’s been in the game long enough to know the basics.

janet evanovich explosive eighteen

I really thought we’d have some romantic resolution in this book. Girls read this author. Also, the whole “I can’t ask Ranger help because he’ll see me as weak” thing is past its prime. I am going to back away, gracefully from the edge, and bow down to the awesomeness that Stephanie used to be, and keep her alive in my memories. The latter is unlikely because of the underlying prudishness of her character, but the indecision is getting damn annoying.

I wanted it to be What did you like best about this story? Will I run out and buy it retail hardcover or paperback? He wore only black. Refusing to answer, Stephanie turns to her files to distract her: January 19, at 8: Forcing myself to continue explossive endure the boring, profoundly unimaginative story, I fell asleep several times while reading.


Now he’s dead, in a garbage can, waiting for curbside pickup. Eighteem whiney, child of a purse thief who believes he can just take anything he wants because mommy didn’t tell him no enough as a child.

It was the last time any of the characters came close to acting their age, with any credibility, and that was still just barely.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: He had a body like Eightsen, a dark and mysterious past, a dark and mysterious present, and an animal magnetism that sucked me in the instant I approached his force field. Well, I would if I wasn’t conflicted or dating another man, but hey, that’s me. Between him and Morelli, he’s the better choice because at least he doesn’t treat her like as much of a child as Joe.

Well, at the end of Smokin’ 17 Evanovich presented herself with the perfect opportunity to go a little outside the box and move the story forward — Stephanie gets a trip for 2 to Hawaii — the cliff hanger at the end of the book is — who’s she gonna bring?

janet evanovich explosive eighteen

I usually read a book that I am excited about in less than a day to a day tops. She’s a pig and it’s ge Here’s the thing.


Explosive Eighteen (Stephanie Plum, #18) by Janet Evanovich

If Stephanie has her doubts about this marriage, she doesn’t have to worry for long, because the groom drops dead of a heart attack 45 minutes after saying, “I do.

And when it’s a trip to Hawaii partlywho wouldn’t love it. I have to say that I have been waiting for view spoiler [Morelli and Ranger to finally come to blows hide spoiler ]. I am getting off the crazy train. Janet Evanovich Narrated by: Open Preview See a Problem?

Explosive Eighteen

I was ninety years old. I can’t believe she hasn’t gotten herself wasted at this point by some of the criminals she’s dealt with over the years. View all 27 comments. I’ve been reading ever since I can remember, but Goodreads seems to be contributing to my disease.