O Merciful Lord Sai Ram! Enter New Email ID. Se hai tu lyrics song mujhse dosti. Jaane dil mein kab se hai tu. To that Shiva I address myself and beseech “Lord, please protect us your devotees”. Thou art beyond attributes.

ishta praneshwari mp3

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Lord Shiva is fond of being worshipped by bilva tree leaves. Ram, You are the Lord of the helpless, come again as Sai.

Accumulated coins can be redeemed to, Hungama subscriptions. Chant the mantra, “Om Nama Shivaya”. Chant the name of Lord Ram and Sai Ram. O valorous Mother, You give us eternal Truth and divine Love.

Jaane dil mein song lyrics in. Goddess of the Universe!

Chukku Ishtapraneswari Song Mp3 Download (MB)!

It is thrilling to sing His glory. You are the bestower of wisdom and the One who grants Liberation You are the Divine and noble Perceptor. O Merciful Lord Ram! He is the present incarnation of Sai Baba of Shirdi. Hey Krishna, the very breath of Radha, grant us Your vision. Worship and recite for ever the enchanting and sweet name of Lord Hari.


This is a song sung to Lord Krishna Govinda.

Ishta Praaneshwari Ninte

Edit Email Id Contact Us. To experience praneshwrai features of the site please disable it for ishat. Devi, Bhavani etc are various names of Parvathi. Sri Ram, Thou art verily the personification of Love! Humko humise chura lo. Your password has been successfully updated Ok got it! He is the embodiment of Love, the Lord of Parthi. Thou art the protector of the weak and fallen and extremely affectionate towards devotees.

Mysterious is the power of the name “Sai” which helps to cross the ocean of life and death. He has a cobra around his neck.

ishta praneshwari mp3

Chant the name of Sai Ram, Hari, Narayana. With a blissful mind, sing that auspicious Name. Please give us Your Grace and protection. Please have compassion and mercy on me, Sai Nandalala Sai in the form of Krishna.

ishta praneshwari mp3

This song was originally composed by Shankaracharya, a great Saint who called upon the priests to give up thier ritual methods of prayer which they were doing mechanically without thinking of God and to start medidating upon the name of God. You are an ocean of kindness.


Jaane dil mein song download

Have mercy and shower grace on us. Rakshamam” destroys the miseries of life and grants protection. O dweller of Puttaparthi, You are the help and sustenance of every one. Chant the many name of Lord: Chant the name of Lord Shiva who is in the cosmic dance; who is beloved by Parvathi Shivakami and who is in the famous temple of Chidambaram in South India.