To Generate a Template Report 1. The line measurement is written in a text box near the end point of the line. After clicking on Set Next Status, you get the following message: Click Next to define monitor and screen layout. You can also temporarily reverse the order of the slices of the study displayed. Free PDF Viewer has an icon-based Cautions indicate danger to the integrity of the data.

idx imagecast ipacs viewer

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The image will be displayed using the predefined LUT. The following are displayed: Fit To Screen Zooms in on image to greatest possible magnification for the current screen layout, so that the image fits to the part of the screen it appears in. To move the ROI, click and hold the green rectangle and move it across the image preview. Click on the new image that you want to add to the group. Free PDF Viewer is light on system Click on one of the images in the Link Group that you want to connect to.

IDX reminds you that there may be legal, ethical, and moral obligations for medical care providers to protect sensitive patient information when dealing with vendors such as IDX. Examples contain information about how you can use certain features of Imagecast applications.


Details and Reviews for IDX Imagecast iPACS Viewer – PC Matic Software Library

Cautions indicate danger to the integrity of the data. The following message appears when the disk space has reached its limit: IDX carefully documents all steps taken.

Change takes effect immediately. IDX notifies the application manager that users can resume using the affected function.

imagecastt In addition, eDrawings Viewer allows convenient viewing of Cine is disabled for single images. Cut Lines Cut lines have four possible states: The Downloading Orthopedic Templates dialog box opens with the amount of templates chosen for download and their progress.

Always notify your application manager of any potential system problems or availability issues as soon as possible. This explains why you cannot burn some disks in some systems.

Cine Button When clicking on the Cine button in the toolbar, cine starts in the imgecast view.

idx imagecast ipacs viewer

Click ESC to exit the annotation tool. You can also pan directly on the main view using the Pan hand tool. Click on the CD Burn button.

Imagecast iPACS Viewer Manual

If there is no acquisition rate in the DICOM file, the cine is run in the imagecaast rate as defined in your settings. The Calibration dialog opens. When a imayecast is selected, the slice indicators appear on the preview pane of the localizer as green lines.


Click Add Criteria to add it to the Hanging Criteria list. DSL and below model—suitable for low bandwidth, below a specified threshold set by default to below 5 Mbps LAN model—best suitable for medium bandwidth, between the defined thresholds set by default umagecast 5Mbps and 70 Mbps Fast LAN model—best suitable for fast bandwidth, above the defined threshold set by default to above 70 Mbps — No Progressive Streaming—removes progressiveness during viewing, providing full quality and full resolution images, but at a delay to viewing.

idx imagecast ipacs viewer

Double click on the row, to edit an existing field. An example of the tools effects are shown below.

idx imagecast ipacs viewer

The screen layouts allow opening multiple series on the same screen for series or study comparison. If unselected, hide all LR markers. If Automatic is not checked, Hanging Protocol is only applied if manually selected.

Procedural table notes are not marked with icons. The information contained herein is confidential and should not be used, disclosed, or duplicated for any purpose other than vieder information system plans within IDX customer organizations.