He is so unable to hold a note that he starts to itch when the right one comes near him. Delusional people on YouTube are always the best. XD I had to get some earbuds and suffer with him in my head. Ice JJ Fish though? For once in my life I am thankful for my bad service with Comcast.

icejjfish on the floor ringtone

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Presents- IceJJFish – On The Floor

Me and my friends send each other this guy purely for entertainment purposes only lol. I cut it off after that. And he just released another video. I used to ivejjfish at his videos, until I convinced thr that he must be pulingl a fast one on us. That name is killing me. I rebuke his singing in the name of Stevie, Marvin thr Luther! He sounds like a cross between Edith Bunker from All in the Family and a drunk ghost. Sharing this foolwangery was plain ole rude! I rebuke this foolery in the name of Jesus.

I am very pleased to see this young man follow his dreams and not allow labels to stop him. However, if he is serious about this, I guess, um, way to be American and just believe that believing you will improve is the same thing as improving. Whooo why lawd why????!!


I refuse to believe he thinks he has the skills of R. This is just not right. Girl, I howled all night teh this mess and got my friends involved too! I want to laugh and cry at the same time. He was having a damn seizure and no one on set stopped the camera to make him lie dahn and keep him from swallowing his tongue!

Presents- IceJJFish – On The Floor ringtone Free Download – Ringtone Maker Audiko

I work with mentally eccentric youth. He is a passionate singer dude who seems to think he can sing, and a living testimony of what coulda happened if Drake and icejjish Tyson procreated. Yes Make it go away… please. Sounds like a cat in heat. IceJJFish has no dambs to give about any of our feelings. This should be celebrated.

Does he know that people can iicejjfish him? Luvvie, I done quit you before but this time I mean it. In the words of the awesome Grumpy Cat — NO.


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Icemjfish sounding like a crying cat begging for some chow. Him and this singing need to go away. I just felt sorry for him. How DARE he ruin that song for me?!

icejjfish on the floor ringtone

This Chile is just rude ruining good songs the way he does…. I am so saving this for when I am having a bad day!!

The first video would not play more than a few notes. I rebuke every ounce of it.

IceJJFish on YouTube Has the Voice for Mute

The devil is a LIAR! XD I had to get some earbuds and suffer with him in my head.

icejjfish on the floor ringtone

My computer froze fr a minute and I could not make it stop!