From head and upper part of fibula passes beneath foot from outside, to base of big toe. Its rear wall is deeper, since the latissimus attaches down the back thicker because made of two muscles latissimus and teres major , and rounder because its fibres turn on themselves before attachfarther ; ing to the arm bone. Sterno-hyoid From sternum to hyoid bone. Foundations of Constructive Linguistics. The two pillars of this arch are seen on the Eight ‘nones palmar little side, finger. The two cheek bones form together mass of the face, in the middle of which rises the nose. Another tapering wedge arises way down the segment.

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George Bridgman Life Drawing Pdf 197

Constructive Anatomy Home Constructive Anatomy. Remember me Forgot password? It forms a snatomy curve the groove of the inner side of the thigh, passing to under the knee. The tibia descends to form the inner ankle. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Constructive Anatomy By dropping the horizontal line at its rear end from the roof of the ear canal to the tip of the ear lobe, and by drawing the vertical line from the base of the nose where it joins the upper lip to the bridge of the nose, where it joins the glabella, we obtain such a right angle.

With the hand turned down prone and drawn toward the body, the thumb is side is the action side, finger the inaction side. From cheek bone and zygoma, where slopes slightly they meet, a lesser ridge is seen rising between the temple and the orbit, marking the back of the orbit and the first part of the long line of the temple.

Practically all of the movement of flexion and extension for the whole spine occurs here, and much of the sidebending. They place pfd fingers and indicate the action and proportions of the hand.


In profile the torse presents three masses: The hip socket itself forms the central point for the shaft. Constructive Work With Offenders. The top of the cage should be level with the top of the head, the bottom with the bottom of the chin the border of the cheek brdigman fit the sides.

When the body [i59] is bent forward, the processes of the vertebrae in this section are plainly indicated. Whatever their surface form or markings, they are as masses to be conceived as blocks. They to the both point outward, the ridge a bit the lower, but both turn straight forward before meeting. A much bowed mouth does ; not occur on a jaw bone that is flat in front, nor a straight slit of a mouth on a curved set of upper teeth.

It widens out, too, in this gworge of the body, and as it passes over the surface of the sacrum to the coccyx it becomes flattened. These blocks are joined by wedges and wedging movements, and to the straight lines are wedded the curved lines of the contour of the muscles.

George Bridgman

This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. They are covered cconstructive tendons the hack, and on the front by tendons, the muscles thumb and of the little finger, and skin pads.

At the point between shoulder blade is the joint collar bone, a Hat hinge pointing straight forward, allowing the shoulder blade to slide freely and over the surface of the back. At the corners of the pit are the openings of the tear ducts, which drain off the excess of lacrymal tear fluid. Its outer head begins near the condyle, and occupies the outer and upper part of the back surface of the humerus.


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grorge The walls of this cage are the ribs, The upper twelve on each side, fastening to the spine behind and to the sternum or breast bone in front. It is a strong column occupying almost the tation to movement centre or axis of the body, of alternating discs of clastic cartilage. The creases are then seen to form a cross, the pads to meet in the The reason common centre, all is tilling in the four sides of a diamond.

Steps Toward a Constructive Nominalism. The arm and pronators flexor, to flex or to turn face bend; pronator, down, or prone form the inner mass at the elbow, the extensors and supinators form the outer mass. New privacy policy and customized terms.

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The upper outer corner is thickened to form the socket for the head of the humerus, forming the shoulder joint proper. The other slides as the hinge moves. From back of external condyle to cranon process and shaft of ulna. On the little finger side, the form is given by the abductor muscle and the overhang of the knuckle, by which the curve of that side is carried well up to the middle of the first segment of the finger.