You can notify a user about this post by typing username. OBJ file sometime resulted in much more vertices, this is now working as intended. I’m sure this is desired behaviour, however, we don’t support cluster. FindBefore is now deprecated. DrawLink is now set to true. The new function name also clearly indicate that a new object instance is created, rather than a new class. There have been various small changes in the file format to support new data.

fbx sdk 2010.2

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I’ll look into getting For more information about Ptex please visit http: Maybe something wrong there?

Here is a snippet of code that. GetChannelIndex should return – 1 instead of 0 when error occurs or channel not found.

ComputeGlobalTransform was implicitly assuming in its calculations, when the pApplyTarget is truethat the global up vector of cameras constrained by an aim target is always 010. GetElements which now can return a rotation vector instead of a quaternion.

fbx sdk 2010.2

FindBefore is now deprecated. CMake is dropping the item. Was wondering if someone could provide me with a code example of how to use the Svk function of KFbxMesh.


Which version of the FBX SDK is used?

Please use the templated version of these functions, such as: Their usage should be replaced with calls to KFbxNode:: Any ETA for next release? ConstructProperties at the beginning if you intend to override 200.2. SplitMeshesPerMaterial, all layer elements will be copied to the new meshes instead of only the first one.

The same issue as what? FBX tangents exporting zero.

osg 添加 fbx插件 osg中编译fbx – 西北逍遥 – 博客园

On 2 July This was done with the redesign of the animation system. Can someone help me with computing join.

If not, you must install them. SetTimeString when passing spaces between elements. Blend shape normals problems in fbx files.

OpenSceneGraph Forum :: View topic – FBX plugin with FBX SDK

RemoveBadPolygons so that polygons with less than three vertices are properly considered invalid. Also, please see deprecated details below. Axis system differences between ViewScene and Quicktime plugin.


fbx sdk 2010.2

Also renamed all structures with the same prefix. Allow users to calculate the local translation, rotation and scaling as it was done in previous versions of the FBX SDK. Targets may link only to libraries. These new FBX files will NOT import in older products or lessso make sure you set the right export format if you need to target these older products.

Please refer to the new class KFbxDualQuaternion for more information. The method can be called using TriangulateMeshAdvanced. I managed to get an object loaded, properly textured, e. Actually I had to “un-update” my working copy to make it work GetPolygonVertexUV to allow it to return an array of unmapped polygons. How to copy a scene? I’m using Max and I’m having trouble exporting normals.