Software component versus web application: Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office Select the test you want to run. I also acknowledge that I am responsible for the management and security of this account. Use Autodiscover to detect server settings Email address:


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Alternatively, you can download the installer file and run it separately to install on a local machine. Read more about this tool here or watch the short introduction video here. Microsoft Skype for Business Tests.


Clicking Install Now will start the installation directly over the Internet. Software component versus web application: Once the test is completed, you will see the results here in this user-friendly text. I am experiencing other problems with Outlook English Only — This newly added test scans for other issues there might be with Outlook connectivity.

Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office He is now in the Business Development team, and his knowledge of Office is extensive.

Before we dive into the Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer in detail, it is important that you understand the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer tool. ExRCA has encountered an error. Go back to SherWeb.

Help Identify My Issue with ActiveSync (Automatic Checks)

Download the tool here. It is a web based utility, generally troubleshoots the connectivity issues, whenever the admin find out any connection problem, he can run EXRCA test.


The tool supports the following operating systems: Click on Install to proceed. To avoid the risk of your working credentials being exploited and compromising the security of your Exchange environment, we strongly recommend that you create a test account for exrac purpose of using this tool, and delete this account immediately after you’ve completed the connectivity testing.

This tool performs the same tests available on the website, but they run from the desktop computer inside your network. As you can see below, the different test options are grouped in tabs. Each time you run Support and Recovery Assistant, it automatically updates itself to the latest version. Synchronization, Notification, Availability, and Automatic Replies.

Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer (ExRCA)- The Foremost Tool

A restricted number of test options: He has worked his way up through SherWeb, starting in Technical Support level 2 before switching to Sales.

You can also exrcaa the details by clicking on Review detailed results.

To identify the root cause of these issues, the exca runs checks such as: Search our blog to find more articles about technology for Managed Service Providers.

Office Single Sign-On Test. ExRCA helps Administrator to find and troubleshoot the issues in the server.



The MCA tool offers seven test, the last two of which were recently added in the newest version: This is a very helpful tool for internal testing. With the different tests, the utility will locates the origin of failure and also offers the tips to troubleshoot the problem.

What is the Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer Tool? (And How to Use It)

The Remote Connectivity Analyzer is a web-based tool that’s designed to help IT administrators troubleshoot connectivity issues with their Exchange Server deployments. For example, when a user reports being unable to create a new Outlook mail profile, the problem could be related to the Autodiscover infrastructure or Outlook Anywhere sitting on the server side.

Read more about this tool here. Lync Connectivity Exrxa helps Lync administrators determine whether the deployment and configuration of their Lync Server environment meets the requirements to support connections from Lync Windows Store app for Windows 8 and Windows RT, and from Lync mobile apps.