To make the script: With so many excellent Linux applications and utilities, why would you want, or need, to run Windows software on the Raspberry Pi? January 27, 45 Comments. Then just SSH localhost with the alternate port. We reviewed the RockyBorg in issue 85 and loved it! Download MS Word Viewer installer: Install and activate ExaGear by running the install-exagear.

eltechs exagear desktop

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Download MS Word Viewer installer: Is this a bit or bit environment?

eltechs exagear desktop

This script installs the guest environment, where x86 software can be run. Windows 10 on Pi!

eltechs exagear desktop

There is no need for the x86 part. Learn how your comment data is processed.

You should find this option on the Applications tab. By default, the Wine window has a fixed size that is not convenient to view Word documents.

One of five RockyBorg robot kits! Now enter the following into the script: ExaGear developers Eltechs provides a regularly updated list.


How to Install Windows Software on Raspberry Pi Using Wine

Please advise me on how to load Wine because Exagear Desktop is discontinued. It is recommended to update apt-get repositories on the first launch of the guest system: Your email address will not be published.

The folks at ExaGear were kind enough to send us a free product key. By using ExaGeara paid program, we can emulate an x86 environment and run Windows applications like Skype, Spotify, and uTorrent.

Create a folder for your chroot. Begin by resizing the Raspbian file system. You can do this manually every time or make things easier by creating a script. Whichever game you plan to install, find a source. Ville Salminen August 17, at 6: Facebook Twitter Googleplus Email. Hi, Please advise me on how to load Wine because Exagear Desktop is discontinued.

How to run x86 programs on the Raspberry Pi

Open Terminal command linemove to this folder and unpack the archive using the following command:. When your Raspberry Pi reboots, remember to run the exagear command again to continue. Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 released! This should turn your terminal window into a blue field with a gray menu in it.


eltechs exagear desktop

How to Install Kodi on Raspbian. You can then install and activate ExaGear Desktop by running install-exagear. This makes it an ideal candidate for installation. Raspberry Pi Media Center: Installing core packages… W: Retropie still get most users, for gaming.

Before you install ExaGear, ensure your Raspberry Pi 3 is ready. Furthermore at this moment I could not find better replacement. Mitchell Gosse September 23, at 9: Eltechs ExaGear Desktop will be discontinued on Feb.