The Mahavamsa contains a fairly detailed account of sieges and battles that took place during the conflict. Retrieved 1 March This film presents this life in a poetic way with all its valor and love! Chola conquest of Anuradhapura. The Pre-Pallava and the Pallava period”. The Journal of Asian Studies.

ellalan eelam movie

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Ellalan Trailor

On the night before, both King Ellalan and prince Dutugamunu are said to have conferred with their counsellors.

Tamil Eelam was the primary location of its filming.

The Black Tigers are often referred to as the suicide commandos of the LTTE, meaning that they possess the ultimate loyalty to their struggle and the most elite training that the LTTE has to offer which makes them able to function in hostile situations where the chance for physical survival is little to none.

Ellalan is a peculiar figure in the history of Sri Lanka and one with particular resonance given the past ethnic strife in the country. Retrieved 21 September This film presents this life in a poetic way with all its valor and love!


Retrieved 1 March Around BCE, Ellalan mounted an invasion of the Rajarata based in Anuradhapura in northern Sri Lanka and defeated the forces of king Asela of Anuradhapuraestablishing himself as sole ruler of Rajarata.

ellalan eelam movie

Email required Address never made public. His capital was Thiruvarur.

ellalan eelam movie

In fact it is their inscriptions, for example the one in Polunnaruwa, that are actually used to fix the length of the reign of Sinhalese kings; in this case, Vijayabahu I movue years. Many of the participants in the filming of Operation Ellalan are counted among the unknown fallen who perished in the final days of the war.

Legend has it that the king hung a giant bell in front of his courtroom for anyone needing justice to ring. Despite Ellalan’s famously even-handed rule, resistance to him coalesced around the figure of Dutugamunua young Sinhalese prince from the kingdom of Mahagama.

The headquarters of his government was located in Anuradhapuram region. Chola conquest of Anuradhapura.

Ellalan – Wikipedia

Retrieved 15 December The Work of Culture: The fact that, for just a few hours of operation. One day, he came out on hearing the ringing of the bell by a cow. Ellalan is traditionally presented as being a just king even by the Sinhalese. Upon enquiry, he found that the calf of that cow had been killed under the wheels of his son’s chariot.


Sri Lanka portal Society portal. The Evolution of an ethnic identity: History of the Department of Archaeology. Chronicles, Politics, and Culture in Sinhala Life.

List of Sri Lankan Tamil films – Wikipedia

Towards the end of Ellalan’s reign, Dutugamunu had strengthened his position in the south by defeating his own brother, Saddha Tissawho challenged him. Gallery This entry was posted in Uncategorized.

South India and Ceylon. The climactic battle is said to have occurred as Dutugamunu drew close to Anuradhapura.

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