Started by A4Android , 27 Dec Not all of the WM functionality is available in source form yet, in particular VIA have chosen not to give us the video source for some reason. The first would be to reverse-engineer the WM hardware and write an OSS version of the platform drivers. Sign In Need an account? I can’t wait to get mine with all the action going on for this little tablet. Jun 4, Messages: Hey guys, like what I do?

eken m001 ecotox firmware

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The first boot from the SD card will take a few minutes longer than usual, because the Dalvik VM is generating its cache. The top of the screen says: Take a look at the custom firmware on Slatedroid.

Posted 05 August – Every one of those people has modded the same proprietary WM build of Android 1. The community is standing by, waiting to tirmware make your products great.

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How do they think that this helps their product? Jun 29, 5. Seems like hours is the norm, and the battery runs down at almost the same rate when the device is idle compared to when it is in use. In darkness, the whole thing glows: The code is obfuscated intentionally hidden in the source in the hope that a casual shanzhai observer will miss it. Jacob Stoner has come up with a small program to init the touchscreen, and a more recent version of evtouch that works for input. I researched and one way of forcing the calibration is to run a firmware update but I cannot find the firmware update anywhere.


This is intended for people interested in hacking on the kernel. Sep 17, The framebuffer device looks correct although unaccelerated: ROM file, please skip to step 2.

eken m001 ecotox firmware

Is the p a eken m??? The instructions on the bento-linux Wiki for X11 work as well, although I found I needed a window manager like xfce4 eccotox before X11 would stay launched. Congratulations on your WM system-on-a-chip.

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Do you firmwars have an account? The Debian image is the same format as the Froyo image, so the same steps should apply. Community Forum Software by IP.

Not sure what that was about, but might be worth trying if your Debian suddenly refuses to boot.

Eken m costum rom ** root ** development … | Android Development and Hacking

You currently have javascript disabled. Really bad usability choice. Wireless doesn’t seems to work properly – I see the networks, but when I try to connect to one tried 3 different networks on different locations, one of which was open and all of them were working on Slatedroid 1.


On the other hand, even firmwaare an Eken source release left out the Wondermedia SDK, it would be a great start. I had to reformat the FAT partition and re-copy the files.

This build is configured to boot entirely from the SD card, to minimise the chances of bricking a tablet and to make it easy for people to check it out. How many more units do you need to sell before it does not matter any more?

Eken m001 costum rom ** root ** development **

Looks good in promo shots, means you have a reflection firmwate your face any time you use the device in bright light. Look at the months of hard work by the talented Alexey Charkov to make a WM Linux kernel that is good enough to be in the official kernel tree. I searched for such an option, but couldn’t find one.

eken m001 ecotox firmware

The cheapest I found was on dealxtreme.