With this arrangement many users all feel they have complete control of the server. The following setup assumes that there are currently no thin client systems running on the Windows network. The text-based installer has an auto-detection routine that will ask you to press a series of keys on the keyboard. This makes for a secure network setup. The first thing you need to do is acquire the Ubuntu alternate CD.

edubuntu ltsp terminal server

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Introduction to LTSP

TIP While the resizing utilities in Ubuntu are excellent, you should always lts; up your data before performing an operation such as this. The installer will now load various components.

Sign up using Facebook. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: TIP Clients require a network card, which can boot either via PXE or via Etherboot to allow initial booting for local media before piggyback booting from the network. Lttsp provides normal hard disk booting. Choose user password Step Refer to your computer’s manual for further details or feel free to ask us for further assistance.

server – Windows in VM viewed by a Thin Client using LTSP – Ask Ubuntu

In essence, Etherboot is essentially a convenient way to emulate the PXE system on older hardware. A large organization will have to choose between a very expensive hot server or a cluster of lesser machines sharing the load. An example of a server good terminsl up to sixty clients: One establishment, for example, runs dual-booting Microsoft Windows and Edubuntu clients.


edubuntu ltsp terminal server

First stage done reboot Step One of these cards is connected to the rest of the network, that is, to the Internet or to other servers on the internal network. Opening up the Windows DHCP administration tool will allow you to create reservations for your machines.

edubuntu ltsp terminal server

The 64 served version may be available in The first time a user loads a program the server caches it in memory for any subsequent users. Installing base system Step In our example, a DHCP server was not required. Another alternative is dual 60 client servers giving more flexibility, speed, and some redundancy for lower cost but more maintenance.

Once the installation is complete, a prompt will ask you to remove the CD and press Enter to reboot the system into ltspp new Edubuntu server. Along with this, you will need the openssh-server package. Booting computers in this way does have some distinct advantages over the current preferred model of many powerful desktops, particularly where only a low budget is available.

The format of this file is very similar to the old LILO configuration syntax for those of you familiar with that bootloader.

When creating this file, it is suggested to use a number of blank lines before the text actually begins. eudbuntu

LTSP Live Howto | Edubuntu

The first thing you need to do is acquire the Ubuntu alternate CD. This package will install both the Edubuntu desktop and all the other educational applications required. With multiple servers or multiple socket motherboards the system will scale to well over one hundred clients. Following a whole series of meetings for our terrminal homepage and wiki, we decided to have public meetings from now on. The tasks they are performing are not hugely CPU intensive, so a thin client system is perfectly suited to this type of application.


The typical cable subscriber can stream pretty well and this is hundreds of times the bandwidth from the server and ten times the bandwidth from the switch.

edubuntu ltsp terminal server

This is a much better system than paying per-user licence fees, installing and maintaining software on hard drives on each client and keeping all the disks and fans turning. The folks who made Edubuntu put in automatic installation of the simplest, and most common setup The only software eduguntu required is on the server.

Setting up Edubuntu as LTSP terminal server

You walk into the room. The following sample configuration will present a message to the client, which is explained later.

The plain X protocol used ssrver connect the screen of the user to the server does some unnecessary chattering. It only takes a minute to sign up.