I have a DebugOutput. But nothing works well or at all on the Win7 netbook. Your English is very good! Sometimes if your gps takes a while to get a fix this will disconnect you because it thinks your aren’t receiving any gps data. Anyone want to sell, donate, or let me borrow one? I sent the text to your email.

earthmate lt-40 driver

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I am now out of options. I sent the text to your email.

Entirely so that inevitable returns are earthmwte. I still cannot get the GPS receiver to work. If anyone needs more stuff from Delome’s website, its on archive. If it finds nothing for 10 seconds i use it as an indication that the gps in no longer attached and it turns the gps off.

earthmate lt-40 driver

Also, holding down the left mouse button enables you to drag and zoom, left-to-right, across the map, and moving the mouse in the same manner but in the opposite direction zooms out.

Really, I’ve tried a variety of different software “shims” to no avail.

earthmate lt-40 driver

Cheers – Jon N7UV. To get google Earth to look like it does in the screen shot all you have to do is manually shape the windows to look like that, there was nothing special to it. I looked around a bit but I had no luck.


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Add notes and draw objects to the imagery to customize lifelike views from space. Your source for software maps on the Web! I read every inch of the box, and the respective website, http: Cant get anymore geek than using multi billion dollar technology to find tupperware in the woods I hope you also get to play with mysticache a bit. Mostly becasue it is velcroed to the lid of my lap-a-ma-top and THAT gets moved around a good deal inside the van.

I will try your suggestion at soonest opportunity and let you know if it works!

Earthmate LT GPS Problem – TechIdiots Forum

So, luckily I actually had a week old backup and didn’t lose much. Try this first, set your comport and baudrate in user settings.

Sometimes if your gps takes a while to get a fix this will disconnect you because it thinks your aren’t receiving any gps drivee. Similar in a way.

DeLorme Earthmate GPS LT-40 – GPS kit Specs

Calculate fuel usage and costs, and GPS-navigate with total confidence anywhere in the U. Garmin erased just about every other trace of Delmore on the net. Netlink and Aerial Imagery: I am open to any other suggestions. United Kingdom Posts.

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More and more alpha testing Have you looked into Geocaching? This is a Universal Serial Bus port and not a Comm port. My current unit has a 6 second coldstart.


I am running Microsoft Windows 7. I was able to download bsgps using www.

earthmate lt-40 driver

Will keep an eye out I have noticed that my current GPSr gives the same error as the OP, learned that it has to do ith the length of time it takes a given model GPS to ‘warm up’ or acquire at a cold start. With the DeLorme Street Atlas USA software you can add MapNotes; draw your own circles, polygons, and squares; measure the area of your draw objects – even draw in your own roads and route on them – these are amazingly powerful draw tools for the money.

So vistumbler is just for dricer operations and I have to carry a second laptop for wardriving. Most of these various driver support was dropped back in May as the whole ‘Street View’ fiasco popped up in Germany and the US.