If jobs are in the queue, this new section is displayed when the page is accessed or after submitting changes. Hi, thanks for this work!! For this guide the following examples are utilised – you should update any sections with the clients domain, hostnames and IP’s where necessary. Some servers will need direct access to the internet bypassing the proxy server. In addition, messages are now queued.

cyfin proxy

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When I add users to the ‘Internet Users Standard’ group, the user is able to surf.

With the improved layout, the user guides can prpxy easily printed double-sided if you prefer to read in hard copy. I was actually in the process of documenting this exact process myself. I am still on test stage and it was working perfectly and without any modifications on the Debian server, Clients’ browsers keep asking cyfinn Login and Password and these requests never end.

You can always use ktpass. Changes were made to indicate that the ISA plug-in is communicating with specific screens while the communication messages are being queued. Thanks, helped get me setup. This has saved my bacon quite a few times.

cyfin proxy

Add the following to cron so it can automatically updates the computer account in active directory when it expires typically around 30 days. And this, of course, requires me to monitor the msktutil website and possibly others for new versions and security advisories. My need is to keep the same reasoning depending on AD Groups.


I might be completely wrong but I think that it must be a way to implement both squid and squidGuard with Active Directory, so please I will so greatful if you help me out find pproxy solution to my need. Upgrade today with the latest release of Cyfin and CyBlock. Do you notice whether the login prompt appears twice and the second time it works?

cyfin proxy

However you miss out on the convenience of updating your keytab automatically and will have to work out another method such as simply disabling expiry of the proxy accounts password in AD.

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Cyfin Proxy Support

For anyone out there reading and having issues Locate the following section and update the ntp servers dyfin required. See how your visitors are really using your website. Firefox and Chrome also support Windows Authentication. Now we configure the proxy in AD with service principles by running msktutil update the highlighted values with your network.

Cyfin Proxy (bit) – Free download and software reviews – CNET

I pipe it through logger so I can see any errors in syslog if necessary. If you only have 1 Domain Controller remove the additional “kdc” entry from the “[realms]” section.

DNS resolution does work, so in the event that a controller goes offline it will failover to any other in the entire network and so users will not be interrupted. A base install of Debian Squeeze is assumed as well as basic Debian administration skills. Advanced settings as well as Proxy Auto detection enabled – google these if not sure. Import From Active Directory. This was a good guide for me. This document covers setup of a Squid Proxy which will seamlessly integrate with Active Directory for authentication using Kerberos with LDAP as a backup for users not authenticated via Kerberos.


When configuring Kerberos, do make use of DNS. Error pages were added to display more detailed error information and allow information to be sent via e-mail to the administrator if the administrator e-mail is set up.

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Anything downloaded and installed manually requires me to manually download and install security updates best caseor patch and recompile, or even fix source code. I am trying to follow this guide and implement it with in my fyfin.

cyfin proxy

You mention the DNS method http: The chapter and section headings, notes, cautions, and important information are color-coded for improved readability.