Metadata is routinely used to capture common constraints, for example, the numbers and types of cards that can be physically inserted into a device, or the way in which physical and logical resources can be legitimately inter-connected. The workflows automate the tasks that should be done in order to fulfill an end-to-end customer order. Jobs are either exported directly from Amdocs Cramer as XML or delivered electronically via adapters to the appropriate management systems. This can mean providing a product or service, such as wiring or bandwidth. Amdocs Cramer wizard logic also lies in the application tier, which can be tailored to suite business specific operations. It enables services designed in the Task Engine and translated into real-world jobs by the Delivery Engine, to be processed and converted into the configuration commands to which devices in the network respond.

cramer6 oss suite

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Its key business benefits include: Activation Engine suitee deliver complex services to a broad range of next generation network devices and servers, irrespective of how they are managed. Intuitive navigation makes it possible to move from one related object to another. An 8-bit value in a cell header used to identify the virtual channel to which the cell belongs.

Cramer Systems – Wikipedia

Provisioning automation tools, which provide the capability for encapsulating, and then automatically executing, the design and implementation processes. A GSM device that can transmit and receive radio signals over the air interface.

cramer6 oss suite

A complete history of all metadata changes is maintained and comparison of different versions supported. If the source system is to remain in use, ongoing synchronization is supported by the Sync Engine. This provides static methods that can be called directly by client Java code installed on the database server. Unexpected server process failures.


Developer tools, to enhance the processes of building and maintaining inventory data. Placeholders are useful, for example, where a restricted object is integral to a view of the network. DesignRecords are collected and assembled into one or more detailed job descriptions, based on an implementation project template. In order to overcome this, inventory must be considered a strategic asset, which lies at the centre of the planning, provisioning and operational life cycle as shown in Figure Data migration Typical deployments of the Resource Manager involve the migration of existing network inventory data from disparate sources, such as network management systems, bespoke database applications and spreadsheets.

Inventory Management system is like a database where service provider stores all the network equipment status. Modeling of the components of an inventory, the equipment and services, at the developer level is supported by Amdocs Cramer Configurator.

Service provisioning encompasses the designing and assigning of the services that use the network, allowing the fulfillment of service order requests.

Cramer Systems

An international standard for synchronous data transmission over fibre optic cables. Figure Example of an Amdocs Cramer wizard: Many times we get confuse between the provisioning and activation process. Private subsidiary of Amdocs. This process is also known as sequential byte interleaving.

cramer6 oss suite

WebReports combine visual and textual crajer6 for exploration. It is useful for someone who is going to set up an implementation of the Cramer6 OSS Suite, or for someone for whom a broad picture is needed, for example, a departmental manager whose team will be installing and using the product, or the project sponsor.


Bronze service – best-effort data applications such as Email, which get the lowest priority. It can also be used to aid fault management applications to correlate alarm streams, providing dependency information between technology layers in the network.

A standards-approved technology for speeding up network traffic flow and making it easier to manage. An API is a set of standard software interrupts, calls, and data formats that application programs use to initiate contact with network services and other computer systems.

cramer6 oss suite

The effort of highly skilled staff can be focused on the most complex projects. Based on the customer requirement, relevant services will be provisioned. Kss by Rajnee Kanth. Workflow is responsible for the overall suute and coordination of provisioning activities across the organization. For more information, see page The Relations browser is context sensitive and the displayed information is specific to the selected object. The template defines the tasks required to design a new service.

Shared circuits, for example, multi-point and broadcast.