These Plugins are available for certain platforms only. The Synchronization settings allow you to override the selection of folders to work with in the Offline mode. This may take quite a while for large messages. Static Clusters for Multi-Server Account partitioning. One of the problems that such a Connector has to solve is data format:

communigate pro mapi

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Automatic Encryption implementing secure information storage. Global Outlook Application Data folder Use this option is you use Windows roaming features and plan to use your Outlook application from several workstations.

You can review the history of updates and bug fixes at the CommuniGate Pro History page. CommuniGate Pro is updated on a regular basis. A pop-up menu communigste open: Improved migration process from mapl versions of the Connector Bug Fix: See the Microsoft Outlook manual for more details on these settings.

This may take quite a while for large message store. Added support for localized names and environment variables for special system folders.

CommuniGate® Pro

Select Options from the Tools menu to open the Options dialog box. The refresh period for the CommuniGate Pro address book is now one week by default. YOMI fields might be encoded incorrectly.


No history uploads communigahe large messages To fulfill Outlook requests to set some extended property on a message the MAPI connector may re-upload modified message back to the server. One of the problems that such a Connector has to solve is data format: Check this option if any of your correspondents use this version of Exchange server po have problems accepting your meeting requests.

The main CommuniGate Pro subsystems include: Automated Invitation processing for shared resource scheduling. Built-in operations for call control, bridging, and multi-party conferencing.

CommuniGate Pro: MAPI Connector

For this feature to work correctly the non-delivery report should contain the full body of the failed message, which is not always the case. The MAPI connector allows you to specify Server-side Rulesincluding the Rules that can store incoming messages in an encrypted form.

Custom Use this option if you want to store the cache files in a custom location. Automated Mail Processing Rules. Large conatct photos might be not stored correctly in Outlook and newer. Use the Options item in the Outlook Tools menu to open the Options dialog box. Click the Add button to add Rule conditions and actions: Download this file and modify it to fit your needs, then place it into the same directory where the Setup.


It provides the configuration interface and it is used to connect to the CommuniGate Pro server.

Plugin Interface for high performance virus, spam, and content filtering. Outlook might fail while updating recurrent events.

CommuniGate Pro: Introduction

You can examine that Log yourself or send it to CommuniGate Systems communigare support. Select the folder you need to work with when you use the Offline mode, and select the downloading method. Outlook might crash while parsing some time zone data. Click the Add button to create a new Profile.

communigate pro mapi

BSD syslog Server to consolidate log records from third-party components. Billing system with multiple per-Account Balances and reservations.

communigate pro mapi