The customized report options are unparalleled to any other practice management system that we’ve seen! Carrie took as much time as I needed to learn what services were offered by CollaborateMD and how those services could fit my new practice managment business. I absolutely LOVE this improvement I would like to note that today I made a payment for the first time in version 9. I started as an unexp The customer support with CollaborateMD is the best feature of all. CollaborateMD medical billing software V10 Version

collaboratemd 9.2

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There is such an ease when entering payments CollaborateMD made our transition from another billing software easy and fast. Managing a multi-specialty medical billing company can cllaboratemd very stressful and challenging for me and my staff. Looking for a billing software program is intimidating- especially for an up start physician practice and my billing service. With our old billing software, you had to look up each claim and then manually add them up in order to know how much money was due from the patient.

With any issue that arises the CMD collabboratemd team always work diligently and promptly to get a resolution for me.

collaboratemd 9.2

The new [Version 9. I’ve been using three different systems, but plan to transfer everything over to CollaborateMD. We’re proud to announce that Version 10 of CollaborateMD has arrived! Don’t see enough customer reviews? I am very pleased that CollaborateMD will make this easier for the practice I serve as collaboartemd should help increase their revenue.


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There is a much better workflow now and the additional actions on the same payment screen make my tasks easier, like entering sequestration amounts or applying credits. We have been working extra hard to impress you with our newest version of CollaborateMD and are counting down the weeks until the release of our Beta Version Your clearinghouse is as good as your software!

I work in a lot of different systems and I like CollaborateMD the best! I have purchased tens of thousands of dollars in software and rented at least tens of thousands of dollars in software in the last few years. I am able to complete tasks easily and with efficiency.

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Log into Version 10! I can’t thank CMD enough for the success of my business, my personal growth collahoratemd the medical billing field and the vast opportunities I can achieve in the future.


Version 10 Beta Release is Here! We had to change billers and the transition was extremely easy, starting from the training page tutorials to the Customer Success team that were easy to connect with and pleasant.

Our clients rave about the reporting capabilities in CollaborateMD! Popular Posts Log into Version 10! As a self proclaimed novice with insurance and billi I started as an unexp How silly of me!! Fall Enterprise Content Management. The customized report options are unparalleled to any other practice management system that we’ve seen!


The application is very user-friendly! We’ve achieved an important milestone at CollaborateMD CMDreleasing our first web-based collaboratfmd, version 10 v CollaborateMD V10 Version At CollaborateMD we are obsessed with getting your medical claims paid fast. I love CollaborateMD the software, and the company!

collaboratemd 9.2

After fighting through the unknown and settling on a choice for a billing program, the anxiety and stress was soon alleviated by sales person, Carrie Cook.

Every excellent quality, characteristic and performance standards Carrie told me to expect from CollaborateMD has proven to be true.