Observers were randomly assigned to interpret a set of 10 pairs of cases either with or without concomitantly obtained photographs. The error was randomly located within the set of 10 pairs. When more than two radiographs existed for the same patient, every two consecutive images were paired. Schultz S, Watson R, Jr. At the end of their set of 10 cases, the PostStudyQuestionnaire component of our software asked observers who interpreted studies with photographs to complete a survey with additional questions Figure 3. Measure the volume of a 2D image. A The radiograph-photograph combination on the left refers to the current study, and shows a 64 year-old white woman with history of aortic stenosis and aortic valve replacement;.

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To simulate wrong-patient errors, mismatched pairs were generated by pairing radiographs from different patients chosen randomly from the sample. This repository contains the Cornerstone Core component which is a lightweight JavaScript library for displaying medical pprtable in modern web browsers that support the HTML5 canvas element.

Accessed June 23, Review of Policy Research.

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Bahan ini clearcanvas workstation 2. All statistical cpearcanvas were performed using JMP Pro Windows and Mac OSX. Possibility to change default color red to the blue color with one click.

Data Acquisition and Case Selection Details on the data acquisition process are also described in [ 7 ] and summarized here. Mainly a browser for medical patients documents.


Best 14 Open source & Free DICOM viewers (Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows)

Increasing rate of detection of wrong patient radiographs: Allows the users review structures better that are not in the acquisition orientation or orthogonal views; MIP. Weasis supports PACS servers. The Papaya UI woristation configurable with many display, menu and control options and can be run on a web server or as a local, shareable file.

If the measurement tool you’re using only requires two anchor points as in the case of the Ruleryou’re done. We used color photographs workstatjon this study, which we believe are more helpful in distinguishing facial features than gray-scale photographs. To find more information, please read the product Specification file. Support for ECG formats: For more information please view our Privacy Policy.

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Each observer, whether interpreting radiographs with or without photographs, saw at most one error in their set i. Six of these observers specifically mentioned that prtable photographs helped with evaluating intravenous lines and tubes. Observers were informed before their participation that the study was designed to evaluate their performance in interpreting portable chest radiographs. For images where either Pixel Spacing or Imager Pixel Spacing is missing or zero, measurements are returned in units of pixels.

While this percentage may seem small, in absolute terms this may be a large number.


Best 14 Open source & Free DICOM viewers (Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows)

DicomBrowser is lightweight cross-platform Dicom batch editor and viewer. Weasis has a user-friendly interface and highly customizable. Table 3 summarizes the proportion of errors detected by observers for whom photographs were available and proportion of errors detected by observers for whom photographs were not available, according to demographic and subspecialty training features. Window leveling, pan, zoom, measurements: We suggest use of this identifier as an adjunct to, rather than a replacement for, the extrinsic identifiers required by the Joint Commission.

The data were gathered from two cardiothoracic intensive care porable ICUs using a convenience sampling method between August 5 thand November 8 th A total of 90 observers were recruited into the study, representing both genders, a wide range of subspecialty training and subspecialty experience, and years of experience Table 1.

Versions older than two years are no longer supported. Patient misidentification was reported in 0. Many of the recruited observers had training in a different subspecialty but did read portable chest radiographs while they were on call: To resize a measurement, hover the mouse over one of its square control points then click and portablr as necessary.