The engine is notable for being able to handle vast open areas as well as detailed interiors. I also cannot search for Specfore either. This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. It is the first version of the Chrome Engine and would be used in all of Techland’s major future releases and also licensed to several third-party developers. They are tasked with maintaining the Federation’s stability and keeping order.

chrome specforce pc

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chome As the game progresses the two discover a great specdorce involving the discovery pcc the most valuable resource known to mankind: Afterwards, a mysterious faction discusses their own operations, and states that they will succeed specrorce LoreGen failed. The protagonist of the game is Logan, a member of SpecForce. September 19, NA: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Type Native Notes Matchmaking. After successfully leaving the planet she becomes his new partner who will support him via radio on all future assignments. This article needs additional citations for verification. However, the mission goes awry and the two are stranded on the planet when LoreGen succeeds in destroying their ship and killing the rest of their squad, including their commanding officer.


Zetrox will forcibly relocate the colonists, leaving them without homes. Chrome and Chrome SpecForce – Unofficial patch. Over the course of the campaign Logan automatically receives implants which give him superhuman abilities such as increased accuracy, movement speed, jump height, zoom level or even reaction time which is simulated by introducing slow motion generally known as Bullet Time among gamers.

It received “mixed” reviews according to Metacritic.

chrome specforce pc

Logan succeeds in disabling the nanovirus bombs, killing Ming Tse in a final showdown when she tries to stop him. Occasionally, the player has to solve simple puzzles and find keys that allow to enter new areas. Pointer also frames Logan for the theft of the blueprints, in case he survives.

The player sometimes has to rearrange items and has to decide which weapons to take with him. Logan pursues him and succeeds in killing him chrone before he can deploy the nanovirus against the colonists.

chrome specforce pc

Did techland drop support for this game entirely? Despite being a rather classical linear FPS game the developers included several features atypical for this kind of game, some specrorce which were inspired by System Shock 2 and Deus Ex that utilize more RPG mechanics. Coretech contacts Logan and informs him that Zetrox has developed a nanovirus using Dr.

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Retrieved February chroke, The plot is also simpler; cutscenes are minimal, with most of the story told in the mission briefings. Anyone got any info?


chrome specforce pc

The game utilizes an engine that was specifically developed for this project. The grateful colonists offer to share the wealth from their newfound Chrome with Logan and Carrie, who discuss taking a well-earned vacation. Logan then helps the colonists fight off a Zetrox assault. Retrieved February 12, Shybkov, and shoots down a shuttle carrying Dexon as he attempts to escape, seemingly killing him.

Views Read Edit View history. During crhome mission, Logan is betrayed and left to die by Pointer, who states his resentment of “being held back” by Logan and desire to prove his own superiority.

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The player can survive significantly more damage ostensibly due to wearing Power Armorhealing and ammo items are more common-place, and the control scheme has been condensed so as to require fewer separate commands. Logan rescues the daughter of the colony’s leader, John Brown, and succeeds in killing the Hannibal leader. The Future of Combat Review”.

Logan and Pointer contact the authorities to clean up the situation.