I don’t wish to show the part where i got injected. This metal wire would be on for about 2 weeks. The close ones are those who would surely know that i haven’t been bringing along with me that smile of mine lately. But i like the movie. I didn’t want all this. Always trying hard to hide the pain.

bukan untuk sesaat farlyana

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It makes me feel like i’m just a little boy who knows nothing about life. I don’t wish to show the part where i got injected. Lain mcm je bro.

I even told him i’m not interested but he kept punching me a the back. So be nice please.

Ayah, later you massage my shoulder a little okay? The biggest scar still remains the same. How would you feel if you were in my place? Then he kept bothering me even though i was busy in front of my pc. Going around the house making lots of noise. But that won’t turn back the time.


bukan untuk sesaat farlyana

I don’t think a packet of Gillette would be enough. Then there’s surely time for people whom are important to my life. Spending my Saturday from 7.

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Dad did a few payments for the cow, blah3. By Post away i can’t forget it is called “asset” I learn.

What would you do? A lil more from the Net. I was sharing a cab back home with one of them the night before and the last time i met the other one was almost a month back.

Now that’s anger from farlyanx inside. A lil more from the Net.

bukan untuk sesaat farlyana

I’m sure gonna miss Untui, i was enjoying myself chatting when the big brother came back. Cursing and stuff, bullying me and the sister. Ana also had her own plannings.

bukan untuk sesaat farlyana

I dare you to do it man. Catch small fishes and play with the sand. After that went to a few shops cause mum wanted to buy some cloths for our relatives at Batu Pahat. So i rolled up my pants.


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So i was hoping for some random people to come across and ask that typical question, “Have you been hitting the gym honey? How hard is that?

Because only He has the answers to all. When i’m happy, people around me will turn happy as well. All the happy days i had, going through obstacles in life are left with memories. How would you feel? Visit a few shops, looking at a few clothes n dresses.

Question Mark joining me.