I’ll add it to the list of non-compatible cards. Nov 19, Sandy, UT. Seems it was just a compatibility issue with the SD card. And just another silly coment really but a pause for thought the pictures above saying please insert wii start up disc, if you look at the picture of the wii in them they havent got sd card slots mmmm…… just another wierd observation lol. Going back to it, I see that it writes out a I put the thing back together enough to power the thing on, and was faced with these screens — photos courtesy of Crediar, and more on that later:.

bootmii autoboot disc

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I was hacking a friends wii, when i messed up downgrading and updated the HBC but not the Bootmii so bootmii doesnt know the new HBC id and the system menu doesnt work, so i am stuck without a nand backup since i totally blanked out, and now can i use the SD option to load up the new bootmii installer or to load up a firmware changer?

That menu can be triggered by holding down all D-Pad buttons on the GC controller plugged into slot 4, a tab inside the controller needs removed in official GC controllers.

Autobooting SNEEK – Complete Softmod Guide

More on this later. This autiboot be fixed if the Wii has previously had BootMii as Boot2 ,WC24 title booting or Preloader installed, otherwise it’s the hypothetical equivalent to a Full Brick.


If anyone wants to check this one out let me know. I am not sure if you figured that out already, but you write about the PRNG: Other strings indicate that there is some code to install updates off a disc and to boot a disc.

bootmii autoboot disc

So let me get to the point, is there any way you dis use this as brick protection, is you got the new boot1? I put the thing back together enough to power the thing on, and was faced with these screens — photos courtesy of Crediar, and more on that later: I just want it to work… is there anyone who can help me with that? Engezerstorung Sep 29, at 1: I got a stupid noob question.

bootmii autoboot disc

Each region has its own version of the System Menu Wii U – Homebrew. To repair a Wii with WC24 title booting, the following requirements must be met:. With BootMii, you can upload code to either processor a few seconds after poweron. Wii – Emulation and Homebrew.

This is probably a stupid question, but I’ll ask it anyway.

Bootmii autoboot disc download

I would expect the rest of flash … that which was never touched … to be all FF or 00, or something. If you just want it to work like a normal wii, contact Nintendo: Oh, and good luck figuring all of this out! The stub system menu v1, 0x bytes shadows an older v0 that is only 0x bytes long. I fixed this by using dop-ios mod to downgrade ios back to the old version to give the hackmii hootmii a way to re-install bootmii.


Bootmii autoboot disc

Well it seems we finally know what ios4 is for. Draft saved Draft deleted. I just read the article. GlassICE Sep 29, at 7: Views Read View source View history.

The program that writes that data out does in fact count the number of bad blocks and compare against a limit Fortunately, an alert ddisc of assemblergames caught an auction on eBay for a broken Wii displaying our mysterious error message.

Thanks for this, really nice and useful stuff! Since boot2 is required to bootmii working and able load an IOS before the system can run, any errors in this process will render the system inoperable.

bootmii autoboot disc

Searching online for information about this has been rather frustrating. That may have something to do with it. This page was last edited on 19 Novemberat