The other great thing about this camera is the really high native ISO. We hire based on genitalia, not talent, in film now. And there is basically no shadow detail, and it looks gorgeous. The low cost, frees up room in the budget for higher-end cinema primes like the Atlas Orion 35mm and 80mm T2s, or the Sigma Cine zooms giving your low budget production even higher production value. Footage looks ok in my opinion. Larger 4K sensors tend to play havoc with your depth of field with this sort of work.

bmcc 4k footage

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Original BMPCC 4K Footage available to Download

It was not nearly enough time to tell if this new Pocket Cinema Camera 4K was going to be as big of a hit as their original Pocket Camera. Get woke, go broke.

bmcc 4k footage

Yeah, technically it has the appropriate nits to be considered HDR but if you’re going to refer to something as “high” it at least should be high quality and not introduce a bunch of macroblocking. Nothing special about it.

bmcc 4k footage

It’s been 10 years since Arri released its sensor, how come nobody even got close to these footage Skin tone is just that: Skip to main content.


And what exactly means “skin tone”? Chris Kas Jack of all trades.

And, the colors too on the screen, were also nicely represented. And thanks to shooting in 6K, filmmakers could get up to three different camera angles from a single take, making production time foptage and affordable for struggling bands.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

I thought the footage was extremely subpar. Reply Share Share this answer: It’s predictable and almost cliche’, and I’ve moved on.

bmcc 4k footage

It seems like a lot of youtube and vimeo filmmakers like to try to preserve as my of the image exposures as they can and don’t crush their blacks or maximize contrast.

The other great thing about this camera is the really high native ISO.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera – Gallery | Blackmagic Design

Then I can place it as bcmc second camera in a low-light interview footagw. So a bunch of students get together at one of their parents house and shoot some slow motion of them doing nothing. We tend to shoot with HMIs or Kino Flos behind a 6 x 6 silk so these examples are really helpful. The benefit is that just about everything a shooter could need, including a large 5″ touchscreen with focus assist, is built-in.

Leave this field blank. Shooting a documentary in the field can demand wide dynamic range to shoot in a variety of lighting scenes. This feels very low effort.


Blackmagic Design Releases Footage From Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Syed Azfar hussain 6. This means keeping us interested and informed by releasing videos shot on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K.

Who the heck always shoot in the forest?? To properly evaluate the camera, they should provide footage of people, we need to see the skin tone. Looks like my GH5 just became a B cam. Great sales copy going through all the features and benefits!

Olympus Pro 25, 45, 1. I feel most cameras would likely struggle with this scene. Can anyone share some info on what suitcase he used to carry spare batteries in?

We’ve already seen cages announced from 8Sinn and LockCircle. I haven’t invested in any Blackmagic camera because I always feels their camera’s rendering of the color is a bit off Now you can conveniently power your Pocket Cinema Camera from a variety of different power sources.