It grabs you not by the throat, but almost by your very essence. They have been fruitlessly investigating the possibility of life on the planet, based primarily around its vast, ever-changing, morphing and mysterious ocean, thought to be an advanced, intelligent life-form itself. A Different Kind Of Weird: The beautifully sculpted results are subtle, sensuous and often majestic. Streaming and Download help. More bands announced for DiS partnered Fuzz Clu Valgeir’s ‘Dreamland’ album has just been issued on vinyl for the first time ever, and restocked on CD.

ben frost daniel bjarnason solaris

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ben frost daniel bjarnason solaris

The ride in this section seems endless, as strings and dniel drone emerge before levelling out, then rising and falling once more, over and over. The music of Ben Frost is about contrast; influenced as much by Classical Minimalism as by Punk Rock and Metal, Frost’s throbbing guitar-based textures emerge from nothing and slowly coalesce into huge, forbidding forms that often eschew conventional structures in favor of the inevitable unfoldings of vast mechanical systems. From his scores for Fortitude and Dark to his solo and collaborative projects, these are, for me, addictive soundscapes.

ben frost daniel bjarnason solaris

Upon Kelvin’s arrival he’s greeted with the news of the suicide of one inhabitant and the ongoing demise of the remainder’s mental conditions. The discordant piano-led passages capture the confusion which Kelvin experiences within the station.



It grabs you not by the throat, but almost by your very essence. The sounds and scenes which Frost and Bjarnason make – much like the thick, gooey fog which plagues Solaris — are all engulfing. More bands announced aolaris DiS partnered Fuzz Clu The beautifully sculpted results are subtle, sensuous and often majestic.

ben frost daniel bjarnason solaris

DiS Picks Its Best Bandcamp Album of the Day Danie, 6, Bedroom Community Release Date: Now Frost and Bjarnason’s collaboration can be thought of as such, filling a gap with a suitably powerful addition.

Solaris is an unsettling, albeit wondrous achievement. The opening track’s title is telling.

Ben Frost / Daniel Bjarnason

There are certain passages, like ‘Simulacra II’, which ebb and flow in the most dramatic fashion, the high points created by a crescendo, formed from minimalistic and resonant beginnings. Shera Deeply beautiful music.

Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 6, go to album. As things become more uncertain aboard the station, a conclusion to the story sklaris never truly reached and nor is there a musical one. The mid-point climax of ‘Unbreakable Silence’, too, with its oscillating, closely-played strings builds an agitated, twitching tension.

The sci-fi elements are not untouched here, with peripheral winds which whistle and howl and frequent string-based glissandos which tilt, helping the mind’s eye and ear along. Thick and overbearing, they hang heavily. On her latest record, Margaret Chardiet explores the ways human beings destroy one another.


Now “Music for Solaris” is set to make a European tour in September But here the score stands on its own. Cycles by James McVinnie. For the most part, Frost and Bjarnson are up to the challenge: Gregory Frost I’m becoming a Ben Frost convert. Lem’s themes of isolation and separation are also abundant throughout, and these make it an occasionally tough listen.

Lem’s novel and Tarkovsky’s film are both undoubtedly outstanding eaniel, though different in their focus and perspective. This is a future not just of flashing lights and video screens, but of wood and wool and leather, of dogs and horses, books and photographs. Danie artistic context is not a prerequisite, as the forever solxris and occasionally terrifying sounds are universal. DiS Meets Royal Blood.

SÓLARIS | Daníel Bjarnason

Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends. At the drink with Jamie T. It inhabits a place from which not only is it impossible to escape, you also feel compelled not to. Swedish purveyors of alien synergy.