I have searched for hours before coming to this forum. Where is this problem file coming from? They were created in autocad. I’m glad you were not angry but it came across that way. This is John Connor.

archstyl shx

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Autocad .SHX file not recognized – CAD Forum discussion (EN) – Page 2

I have not found a fix yet. Maybe the blocks get inserted at a point way off screen. Solve the first problem before trying to move onto the second.

archstyl shx

Anyway, I appreciate your time and your willingness to help. If so can you compare it to the new version and see what has changed? Thanks for you response, Yes, I know those are text styles, but that is the only information that comes up each time. Edited by Christy RD archstly To help further we need to ask a few questions.

SHX file not recognized.

archstyl shx

Qrchstyl have searched for hours before coming to this forum. People are always quick to jump on newbies assuming they have not searched for a solution before they posted a request for help. I guess Christy must have finally solved the problem on her own.


I downloaded yesterday and have been unable to make Autocad ’17 find my. If you are reading this, you srchstyl the resistance. For some reason, after working in 16 for a week or so, I opened 17 and it was suddenly working. They were created in autocad.

SHX file and see if I can get it to work. Your email address will only be visible by forum admin and moderators and will be used to send you Forum Notifications.

This page was generated in 0, seconds. I will google how to make the font a part of my custom template. I followed the directions you posted there and it was all in alphabetical order, there was still no archstyl.

DWG Make sure all of your files are saved as the same year version. Am I forgiven for coming across as angry I wasn’t? Is it something from outside your company?

It happens every time I attempt to “paste” into the drawings. Have you tried an audit and purge of the problem drawing srchstyl

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As kyle says try a zoom extents to make sure they are not being inserted miles from the origin. Then it goes away.

Arch Shx Free Font

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