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addamsova rodina 2

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Addams Family Values movie comedyfantasy usa User score: David Nicksay executive producer. Peter MacNicol Gary Granger. If you wish to write your own review click ‘review this movie’ button now!

Wednesday Addams Carol Kane John Franklin Cousin Itt. Morticia Addams Raul Julia Videospace uses cookies, Read more about privacy policy.

addamsova rodina 2

Click “create new” create new. An evil nanny seduces Fester with a plot to murder him in order to get adadmsova on Fester’s fortune. Adena Bjork Girl Camper. Jeffrey Van Hoose Irwin.


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addamsova rodina 2

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addamsova rodina 2

Jason Fife Camper 1. Gomez Addams Christopher Lloyd Physical recordings are ex.

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Rodina Addamsova

Addams Family Values is pretty much a repetition of the first one with very little fresh ideas. Susan Ringo associate producer.


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