I feel handicapped in appreciating Bangla literature. As it turns out, preserving and protecting the nation was no less important on the other side. Unlike songs, I am unable to remember them though. The old city is like Chandni Chowk. It is quite befitting that this is so, because no two countries have such shared history, shared culture, language, musical tradition, dress and appearance. I too came to know of it a couple of years back. Sharmaji, You have added two very moving recitations.

aao bachchon tumhe dikhayen jhanki hindustan ki song

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Wishing the two nations will eventually remember that they were once one, and that we have so much in common. It was something of a cross between a play and a sound and light show. dikhzyen

aao bachchon tumhe dikhayen jhanki hindustan ki song

SSW, The poem on Radcliffe is fabulous. Return he would not, Afraid, as he told his Club, that he might get shot. AK ji, Thanks for the memorable and meaningful post on this Independence Day.

Tumbe it turns out, preserving and protecting the nation was no less important on the other side.

Jagriti – Aao Bachchon Tumhen Dikhayen Jhanki Hindustan Ki

I fully share the sentiments expressed by AK and others that the two nations find a way of living together in harmony; but it may hinvustan be as easy as it sounds despite the shared history and strong cultural links. Despite all the bonhomie I could sense the undercurrents of discomfort throughout the trip. One of the most well known eulogies to Gandhi, credited with getting our Independence, with the sole weapons of uhanki and non-violence.


Hindi-Telugu exchange Next post: I prefer the non-literal translation because to me for e. Let us greet the two nations on their Independence Day with the songs from Jagriti and their versions with identical tunes from Bedari.

Jagriti – Aao Bachchon Tumhen Dikhayen Jhanki Hindustan Ki – video dailymotion

Kavi Pradeep, the legendary singer-lyricist of patriotic-inspirational songs wrote the lyrics for Jagriti and Hemant Kumar composed its music. Lest someone should think that it has been a one-way traffic, our music directors, too, have been hugely inspired by musicians from Pakistan right since the s, when Lahore school of music then part of Indialed by Ghulam Haider hit Bombay. Whence came that darling of a morning breeze, whither has it gone? AK, I had no idea that Jagriti was re-made in Pakistan.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. The best hope seems to be to put the contentious issues on the back-burner for some time and let the cultural links do their work. But as they say in your!

dikhayeh Shut up in a lonely mansion, with police night and day Patrolling the gardens to keep assassins away, He got down to work, to the task of settling the fate Of millions. The only solution now lies in separation. Dreams are no different on the other side; and, as Shahrukh Khan said in Veer Zaramothers are equally lovely on both the sides. But without getting into the politics, let me commend you on your excellent translation of Faiz.


Aao Bachcho Tumhe Dikhaye Zaki Hindustan ki _ – video dailymotion

What a good idea for an Independence Day post, AK! Joining AK in wishing avery happy independence day tumhw all. When we meet them in a third country I have lived in the US for two years and the UK for a yearthe prominent feeling is that we can relate to each other with the same language, same food and same jokes about the goras.

It is not proper to discuss the political and philosophical transformation of Iqbal here. Even at the cultural level the nuances are there. A correction once again. Qayad-e-Azam occupies the same place on the other side. This is another iconic song bqchchon Jagriti, sung by Mohammad Rafi.

aao bachchon tumhe dikhayen jhanki hindustan ki song

I would like to share this clip, if you have not watched this before. Gaby I really like the book and the translations. The similarities were striking, as were the differences. Soumya, Before the Internet era, our knowledge was very poor.

aao bachchon tumhe dikhayen jhanki hindustan ki song

The lamp beside the road has still come no lessening, The hour of the deliverance of eye and heart has not arrived. What a way to connect the theme of multi-version songs to Independence Day sAK.